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Sun, 24 Sep 2023

High Tide (8.72 ft)
6:18 AM
6:22 AM
Low Tide (1.61 ft)
11:49 AM
4:17 PM
6:27 PM
High Tide (10.13 ft)
6:38 PM

Sunset View Web Cam

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Welcome to the Sunset View WebCam!

   The images are provided by Raspberry Pi computers and camera boards operating as independent image servers on the local network. This allows the camera to be remotely located (in a garage and basement window) for a better view of the cove. The camera board also provides higher resolution and better control than a standard webcam.
   The weather data is provided by a RainWise weather station that is solar powered and mounted on a roof. It provides updated data every minute to a local network connected device and to data servers at RainWise.
   The web server also runs on a Raspberry Pi computer running a Linux operating system. The server periodically requests an image from the Raspberry Pi camera(s), saving the images on the half hour. It uses data from the RainWise weather system to display the weather graphs for the previous 24 hours shown on this page. It also computes and updates the astronomical data at midnight each day. The process is automated, and all of the computers run 24/7.
   The most recent photographs (taken at 5 minute intervals) appears above, click on it to enlarge. The archive of the last 24-hours is available via links to the right. Click on the controls to go forward or back or run as an automated slide show.    There is a Photo Gallery (link above right) of other photographs Dave has taken, and astronomical data for today (lower left).  

Dave and Jayne Ashworth;

Camera 2

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22 Jun 2019
Tide data for the cove added

30 May 2019
RainWise weather station data and graphs added

20 Jan 2017
Duck Cove Temperature & Pressure graph for past 24 hours